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Why We Exist

Warq was founded with the belief that the reason for our existence is as important as the success we achieve doing what we do. It is our fundamental responsibilities towards our customers, vendors and strategic partners that drives our existing philosophy and shapes all future endeavors.

The desire to facilitate the next generation of small and large business enterprises in the local & International arena fuels our need for constant growth through Innovation, Process Reengineering and Operational Synergies.

Recycle Warq Notebooks

Warq knows the importance of environmental responsibility to the well-being of our communities and our planet. We believe everyone shares the duty of checking with their local recycling guidelines to ensure best practices are being followed. We share the same passion as you do for recycling. And we’ve made it easy. Simply cut off the reinforcement tape from the top of your notebook pocket, and recycle the rest. Talk about REINFORCING eco-friendly behavior!