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Premium Spiral (Al-Zahrawi) Edition


(4.7 out of 5)

  • Stay on top of your homework, in-class assignments, projects, and more with this 4 Subject Spiral Notebook.
  • 4 subject spiral notebook comes with 70 colleges ruled, double-sided sheets.
  • College ruling is ideal for the older student who prefers more lines per page.
  • Your favorite gel or ballpoint pens will move effortlessly across these smooth pages for A4 notes with minimal ink bleeding or show-through
  • Covers are coated for durability.
  • Crafted with pride and assembled in the Pakistan


Father of Modern-Day Surgery
Abu al-Qasim Khalaf ibn al-‘Abbas al-Zahrawi al-Ansari was a famous Muslim Physician, Surgeon and Chemist. Widely regarded as the father of modern-day surgery, he was born in Cordoba in 936 AD and died in 1013. Popularly known as Al-Zahrawi, the Andalusian is known to have made countless critical contributions to the field of medical sciences, especially in Surgery. The chapter on Surgery from his famous Kitab Al Tasrif (Encyclopaedia of Medical Practices) became the medical standard for the field in Europe for almost 500 years. He invented over 200 surgical tools which ended up saving millions of lives. Regarded as a pioneer for the use of catgut for internal stiches in surgeries, Al-Zahrawi casts a large shadow to this day as the methodology is still used by modern day surgeons. He was also the first Physician to identify the root cause of paralysis. Another significant contribution concerns the early use of Lithotripsy, whereby, he was able to crush stones inside a bladder without the need of surgical incision. Al-Zahrawi is also known to have described the tracheotomy operation and is rumoured to have performed one during an emergency. His ingenuity and expertise in this case saved a slave girl from certain death. As one of history’s more obscure phenoms, many modern experts stand on the shoulders of Al Zahrawi, who described the way to ligature blood vessels almost 600 years before Ambroise Pare

Technical Details

Manufacturer‎Tick Industries (Pvt) Limited
Subjects‎4 Subjects Spiral
Pages100 Sheets (200 Pages)
ColorBlue (Al-Zahrawi) Edition
Sheet SizeW 8.3 x H 11.7 (inches)

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Customer reviews

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They're notebooks. I don't know where so much passion comes from, for some people but here goes. I've only used one of them because I bought them in advance for next year but I'm re-writing some notes because I think they'll be helpful.
John Doe
John Doe
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notebooks came in great shape, they're thin and lightweight. The paper is thinner than some of my better notebooks but it's paper so whatever. The spiral wire is pretty thin and I imagine if I were to have this in a backpack with other notebooks it would get bent out of shape rather quickly. None of these are problems if you just plan on carrying them or having them on your desk for planning or whatever else people do with notebooks.
Amber Winters
Amber Winters
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This is a great value. Item arrived just as described and as it appears in images. Paper, binding, et cetera all are solid. No disappointments; it isn’t cheap or low quality. I use pencil mostly, but you could probably use regular ballpoint, felt-tip, and standard pen inks without any bleedthrough issues. I would imagine heavy pen inks and certainly thick permanent marker would bleed through the sheets with a little pressure.